What does your name mean?
Maraia, in Arabic, means ‘mirrors’ – the symbolism of the name is obvious.

Who are your sponsors?
Currently, our main sponsor are members of Egyptian Underground Film Society, SWANABAQ, and Helem If you would like to become a sponsor and have your own place in the Honor Roll, email us at admin@maraiafilm.com.

What are your productions?
Our newest production is All My Life, a feature film set in Egypt. Our next production, scheduled for 2008, is a documentary on the well-known Queen Boat case.

Are you based in the Middle East?
No; we’re based in San Francisco. Although many of our staff and volunteers are from the SF Middle Eastern community, we are a diverse group comprising many nationalities.

Where can I see your movies?
Hopefully in festivals throughout 2008 you'll be able to see All My Life Visit us again to know more about dates and places of screenings.