Movies That Focus on Casinos


For many people, movies are a way to escape into another world. They can take us anywhere from a horror story to a romantic comedy and, of course, the ultimate fantasy—winning a huge jackpot. Movies that focus on casinos provide the viewer with a glimpse into this fantasy, letting them imagine themselves as big-time wagers who win money quickly and easily.

In addition to slot machines, many casinos feature table games like poker and blackjack that require skill. However, gambling is only a small part of a casino’s allure. Casinos also offer restaurants, bars, spas, and shops. Some are opulent European-style temples of overindulgence while others are sleek and modern.

Casino was the first movie to depict the mob-controlled casino industry in Las Vegas. Martin Scorsese’s masterful editing and taut narration make it a riveting, three-hour movie that never lags or runs out of steam.

In addition to the dazzling lights and cheerful sound of slot machines, casinos use delicate psychological methods to put their guests at ease. Among them, casinos waft scented oils throughout the ventilation system to create an aroma that is designed to calm players. Then there are the colors—red and purple in particular. These colors are often used to stimulate the mind and increase a player’s chances of winning. Moreover, casinos often do not display clocks on their walls, as they are believed to distract customers from their gambling activities. This euphoric setting, along with the sense of winning, keeps many players coming back to their favorite slots and tables.