How Cvent Helps Casinos Attract a Glitzy, Glamorous Audience

Casino is an action-packed drama about the mob, gambling and a city that reinvents itself again and again. The movie is as much about the history of Vegas as it is about the story of its characters. While the story is primarily about corruption and greed, there are also some very touching scenes. Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone make this a must-see film.

Whether it’s blackjack, poker or slot machines, the games are what draw people to casinos. Some, like poker and blackjack, require skill to play, while others, such as roulette and baccarat, are all about chance. Casinos have mathematical odds for every game they offer that give the house a uniformly negative expected value, or “house edge.”

To help their patrons win more often, casinos employ staff members to help gamblers learn the rules of each game and improve their chances of winning. These people are called gaming mathematicians and game analysts. They are responsible for creating and maintaining a database that gives each casino a mathematical expectancy for its games, which is essentially a guarantee of gross profit.

The glitzy and glamorous atmosphere of casinos is also what attracts many people to them. Guests enjoy watching champagne glasses clink, hearing the sound of laughter and music, and trying their luck at one of the many table and slot games. To appeal to this type of audience, casinos should promote their restaurants, hotels and spa and entertainment spaces. They can also use Cvent’s Competitive Ads to target event planners in sister markets or in areas where their customers are traveling to, in order to encourage group business.